Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blog Hop and Blogtoberfest

It's an honour and a privilege to have my ButterFly Girl painting used as the logo/artwork for a blog hop that I will be participating in.  My post on November 1st will be about this painting and my Flying Lessons e-course experience.

Blogtoberfest - blogging each day for October was very difficult for me since my dog died on Oct 3rd.  On bad days I just posted a pic and on good days I managed to write a bit.  I also found it difficult to write when I just had nothing to say and I'd done no art/painting....  Would I do Blogtoberfest again - Yes, most definitely, it was a great challenge, I got a few more followers and pageviews too.

Here are some interesting stats though I'm not sure how accurate they are as the past two posts have had no views but I've had comments but I've had pageviews....

Pageviews last month
3 Oct 2011, 12comments
95 Pageviews
2 Oct 2011, 3 comments
42 Pageviews
Ugh, what has happened to my post.....grrr.....I wish this thing would work normally.
Aargh...can't delete it either....hmph  going now....

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  1. Never mind the extra on the post, we all have those days!


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