Friday, 8 November 2013

Arty Friday

Arty Farty Fridays!!!

I've been playing in my art journal this week and whilst waiting for paint to dry I played with my gelli plate too!  I seem to make many backgrounds in my art journal but then draw a blank as what to do next...

Do you art journal?  Do you just sit down and create a whole page in one sitting?  Or do you make lots of backgrounds first?  Do you know where the page is going from the beginning?  Or do you create it intuitively as you go along?

I had fun playing with my new stencils and paint colours on the gelli plate.

The photos show both sides of the paper.  I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with these sheets but I was thinking of making a book and then I'll use it as a journal....

I really like how some of these pages turned out - usually by accident...

It will be fun to add a few more layers to some of these too.

How's your week been?  Hope you have managed to find time for some art too.

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  1. These are gorgeous! Even on their own, “No further assembly required.”
    How exactly did you make them? I read the “Gelli” link, but still don’t know what it is, and did you use a specific technique to paint these, they look so familiar from some of your other work. I’ve never stopped to read about the paint techniques you use, but the results are wondrous beautiful! If the answer is too long, e-mail me at PS Besides loving your art, you’re such a great friend!


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