Saturday, 2 November 2013

1911 Hans Andersen Book

I found this 1911 Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales book at a second hand book stall at the local arts festival today.  How much did it cost?  Just a donation!!!  So I bought a few books and some old maps and gave them $10 and ran away quickly with a big smile on my face.

Not only is it old but it has illustrations in it!!!  Today is Day 2 of One Story Down photo a day challenge: 30 days of gratitude edition November 2013 - This inspiration is this book with all these beautiful illustrations and ideas for using in collages and mixed media.

And an inscription!

You may remember that last year whilst in NYC I went to the Strand Bookstore and found another old illustrated children's about the 1890's book here - well, I have laser copied some of the pages but have not used the image transfer technique I learnt at Squam.  I have made the book and the Ampersand Gessoboards which I ordered from in the States as something precious and therefore I am unable to use them as I'm afraid I will ruin them....argh....we need to use our precious art things and with no regrets....

So the question is what to do with this book?

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  1. No regrets!

    Actually I know someone who scans her books and prints them out to use. Maybe then you can use it and keep it too!


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