Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Morning Art Group

During art group this morning I finished off the Wine Bottles - I think, I'm not too sure about this painting for a lot of reasons....

Here is the painting that I'm going to be working on during the painting demo session on this Sunday for the opening of the Kindergarten...

Here are the glass tile pendants that I'm working on at the moment - glued onto the pics:

And here is my glass tile pendant charm - it's my girlie logo - she's a little washed out and I added a bail to the bottom of her so I could add some more charms to her.  :D


  1. I really love how the pendants came out!

  2. The pendants are gorgeous! Loving your artwork, too.

    Thank you for my weekly dose of inspiration!

    Take care and wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. The wine bottles look great and the composition is nicely balanced. LOVE the pendants too! Happy Wednesday! Wini xo

  4. Thanks K, Jamie and Wini - I really appreciate your comments.


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