Sunday, 6 November 2011

Glass Tile Pendants

My glass tiles arrived on Friday, so on Saturday afternoon I got stuck into making my pendants.  I followed the tutorial from Tracy Yarbrough  at Chickpea Studio and this video by Tam from willowing:

Here are some of the photos I've taken over the weekend of the pendants:

I found some photos of my art and printed them out onto card - you can see some of the glass tiles glued onto the prints.
The blue scrapbooking paper behind the board of pendants is the paper I used on the back of the tiles - this is one of my favourite papers and I should make a pendant out of that paper.
I cut out card and wrote on the back -'Glass Tile Pendant is NOT waterproof so please avoid getting wet. Thanks, Michelle.  I have added my biz card to add a bit of colour and so the buyer has some info about me in case they would like to purchase a painting/print/pendant etc.

I even managed to find an old box to put them in for selling and have an nice notice board to display some on too - to sell at the community centre art show next weekend.  Ten pendants were completed this weekend as I ran out of supplies, so will buy some more ribbon and card and get to making some more during the week.

More exciting news - my friend June whom I'm planning an exhibiton with next year - her painting at the arts festival sold - so very happy and excited for her - Congrats JuneBug!!!  :D

Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Wow..those are looking great. I am about to ask you a bunch of questions, but i will watch the video first:) Very cool idea! Julie

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  3. These are awesome! Are you selling them on Etsy?

  4. Thanks Sue, Julie and Paula.

    Hi Paula,

    I will be selling them at the local community centre art sale this weekend, any what don't sell I will put on Etsy or If you are interested in buying one then give me a shout out and I'll save it for you. I'll be making a heap more during the week too.

    Thanks Michelle.

  5. I love how yours turned out! They look great! Thanks for mentioning me & linking to my website :)
    Good luck at your art sale!

  6. LOVE these! They are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Love these!!!! Thank You Michelle!!!!!


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