Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Butterfly Wings - work in progress...

This morning I remembered that on Sunday night I remembered about adding some drips to my latest butterfly girl's wings but forgot to do that yesterday...I think I'll re-do the left wing...

I look forward to adding some more layers to brighten her up and to adding some bling colours and finishing off her hair....so much more to go...


  1. Hi Michelle, Your painting is progressing well!! How is the course going? I hope alls well with you this week. Wini xo

  2. Hey, how are you managing to paint such marvelous pictures and cook in the same room, let alone keep it clean!
    Great progress very time mi see one of your paintings, I find something new that I like in it.

  3. Kitchens make the best studios don't they! Probably because one can multitask in there!

    There is a painting of yours called Ribbons (April post) that I just love. Goes well with Surface and Pattern design course.


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