Sunday, 14 August 2011

{Shell's Sunday Snippets}

I'm joining in on Sunday Snippets with {tinniegirl} and showing some pics of what I did over the weekend. 


  1. Thanks for joining in. I love that street art.

  2. Is that your street art?

    I love your photos with the sweet treats:)

  3. No, I had to take my son into the city so he could take some photos for an art project and we came across this street art.


  4. Hey there! Thanks for sharing these little pieces of your life with us -- I love seeing what people get up to off the web :) I'm a big fan of street art, have been taking photos of it around the world for years. I quite like the geometric/industrial aspect of the murals you posted.

    ...and love that vanilla slice/napoleon, too. I've been meaning to make those ever since moving to Australia.


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