Thursday, 18 August 2011


I started this painting in April and have painted it intuitively according to Flora's Workshop but now argh.....I know what's wrong with it but am not sure how to fix it....need to block some of the busyness but which bits and what colour??? 

 Here is where it was at before I started this afternoon.

If you have any ideas or thoughts, esp if you have been to Flora's workshop or know about her work then please leave a comment.



  1. Not sure--but I already like it! I would love to learn to paint "like" Flora as I've mentioned before.

    Put the painting aside again maybe? Work on something else and maybe if you're not thinking about that one it will come to you.


  2. Hi Michelle,
    It's lovely to 'meet' you :) I love the vibrancy in your paintings - they must look even more amazing in real life! It's great to know I have a 'flying lessons' friend just a few hundred kms up the road! I hope you have a very artful weekend with your new Golden paint!!!
    Sue Smith

  3. These paintings are perfect, they look awesome to me!


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