Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kangaroos in the Bush

Yes, that's right, I do have kangaroos in my backyard!!!  I was out looking for some Blue Leschenaultia flowers when I came across this big guy and his family.  I was searching for flowers for a colour wheel challenge and took some pics of the beautiful flowers on my block.

This is why I love living here....

Tonight's beautiful, colourful sunset

Red Bottlebrush

Red Grevillea

Seville Oranges

Orange Fungus

Golden Wattle

Rosemary and Lavender

Hardenbergia - native wisteria

Grey Kangaroo

and the sunset got even better....


  1. My daughter studied in Melbourne for a half-year and travelled extensively during that time, and there was not a kangaroo to be photographed! She kept sending me postcards of them instead! Her excuse was that they come out in the evening when the light is too poor to take pictures. I love your kangaroo and also your flowers.

  2. Wow--what an amazing place to live. I can't imagine seeing kangaroos in my backyard. Australia is a place my husband would love us to visit someday.

    Your paintings are beautiful as well:)

  3. I LOVE the paintings in your "Deviant Art Gallery!" They are so colorful and happy. Your Five Tulips, your Red Boathouse, your boquet of peacock feathers--wonderful! They would make good posters, prints, and cards in an online shop.

  4. Thanks, and I am thinking about building an online shop. :D

  5. Great images! I can see how they inspire your art.


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