Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts

Pam Carriker's workshop in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine was one of my first introductions into mixed media collage portraits or girlie collages as I like to call them.  I read the instructions but still had no idea what to do as the language was so foreign to me - what was a substrate and what was a background stamp? - I remember asking myself.  I decided I wanted to create my own girlie collage so I worked it out on my own and found out I loved collage and scrapbooking paper but needed a little practice on painting faces.

Here is my first girly collage titled:  Lady Autumn Leaves - April 2010

After a few attempts a deviant art friend said I should have a look at Kelly Rae Robert's portfolio - so I did and I rejoiced in the fact that I wasn't so weird after all and so did my husband - as my girls had long necks and tilted heads.  More of the journey of my girly collages can be seen on my deviantart collage gallery.

On Monday night I decided to enrol into Kelly's Flying Lessons e-course about tips and tricks to make your creative business soar and am really excited by what I've been learning and can't wait to continue on my journey.


  1. That looks really nice--very different from KRR, though sharing the elongated bendy neck. (I call them "bendy neck" girls!)

  2. Your girly collage is beautiful! Dropping by from the e-course to check out your lovely blog. See you around...:)


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