Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Visit Laney - Blog Hop Around the World

Last week I participated in the Blog Hop Around the World and Laney McDonald from Sugarplum Patchwork so graciously volunteered to carry it on...

Laney McDonald's Art Tags

Laney McDonald from Sugarplum Patchwork - Hello there and welcome! My name is Laney. I'm an artist with a love for bright, happy colors. I've always loved everything creative - sewing, embroidery, drawing, stained glass, painting, collage and on and on. I was even a ballet dancer many moons ago. I still love a myriad of creative activities. Sometimes I stitch, sometimes I paint or draw. I believe creative expression is good for the soul. Here you'll find me writing about what I'm creating, what I'm thinking and what inspires me. I hope you'll be inspired too. 

Please go check out her great blog post and if you would like to join in with the blog hop then that would be awesome - you need to answer the 4 questions and find others to carry on the hop too.
Thank you.

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