Monday, 10 November 2014

Blog Hop Around the World

I was invited by Phillippa Montier to take part in a blog hop.  I first met Pip when she joined the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts FaceBook group and shared her beautiful gelli prints with us and was thrilled when she joined in on the Gelli Print Blog Hop.

What am I working on?

At the moment I'm working on some items to sell at the Klatchapalooza Market - it's a pop-up online market over the last weekend in November - great way to get some original art for gifts. 

Here's a sneak peek...there will be 8 inch square slimline canvases with gelli prints on them and I've altered some of them ...

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I love to create monoprints on the gelli plate and each one is unique and different. I also create my own stencils to help with uniqueness.

When I create my girls I use the gelli prints for their clothes and hats and I print the backgrounds too.

Here is my lantern stencil - I do a drawing first, then cut it out from acetate and then get out the gelli plate and have fun.

How do I create what I do?

I either have a plan or I don't. So I will create gelli prints just for fun, to experiment or with an idea/colour/texture in mind.

If I'm creating one of my girls then I have a plan and will create some gelli prints esp for her.  Otherwise I look at a gelli print and let it 'talk' to me or I just collage some prints and see where it takes.

Here is Alice - The Mad Hatter 

How does my creating process work?

 I like to browse Pinterest for inspiration. For my gelli print girls I look for different hats or headwear. I also do some art journaling and mixed media on different substrates such as index cards or manilla folders. Sometimes I copy something that I see then I get ideas on how to alter it and so will go on to create more of the one thing but they are all different - I think about changing size, shape, colour, background.

For example - my Mantra Mobiles - I saw a quote on Pinterest by Matisse and wanted to create a piece that I could look at every day to remind me.  So I created the first Mantra Mobile and then thought I would find another quote and make another etc differing the background shapes and colours etc.

Many thanks to Pip for inviting me to join in with blog hop.

Here are the next blog-hoppers who will be posting next Monday, head over to these amazing blogs for more blog-hopping fun!

Laney McDonald from Sugarplum Patchwork - Hello there and welcome! My name is Laney. I'm an artist with a love for bright, happy colors. I've always loved everything creative - sewing, embroidery, drawing, stained glass, painting, collage and on and on. I was even a ballet dancer many moons ago. I still love a myriad of creative activities. Sometimes I stitch, sometimes I paint or draw. I believe creative expression is good for the soul. Here you'll find me writing about what I'm creating, what I'm thinking and what inspires me. I hope you'll be inspired too.


  1. Your posts always make me HAPPY!!!! They are always positive, and full of color. I look forward to your posts in my email. It doesn't hurt that they are also full of inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us….. (((((HUGS)))))

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments - makes all the hard work worthwhile. {{{hugs back}}}


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