Friday, 31 October 2014

Goodbye BlogtoberFest 2014


Yay, today is the last day of BlogtoberFest 2014!!  We made it!  How did you go?

Many thanks to everyone who participated over the past 31 days, it has been great fun and I really enjoyed hosting it - many thanks to {tinniegirl} for allowing me to host this year..  Thank you all so much for taking time to read my posts and your comments, it's always a challenge  - trying to find something to blog about, getting photos organised - and it always takes much longer than what I think and what it should take. So give yourself a pat on the back.

I hope to catch up with you again sometime during the next 11 months.  I'm not sure about BlogtoberFest 2015 - please check in with the originator of BlogtoberFest {tinniegirl} for more details.

Many thanks again.

Take care and stay safe and stay tuned.



  1. thanks for organising - it has been fun x

  2. Thanl you for hosting Michelle. Once again it was a challenge to think of daily posts but I did it, and I learned to crochet too


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