Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Van Gogh's Postman

BlogtoberFest 2014 - Day 14 - Van Gogh's Postman

Today I managed to work more on the ecourse I'm taking - Jeanne Oliver's Studying Under The Masters - Portraits and Self Portraits. I have painted Van Gogh's Postman (Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin, April 1888) in acrylics and found it very challenging but a lot of fun.  It was difficult to do without knowledge of the colours he used and I found it hard to get my brushes to show distinct lines/patterns.....

Here's the evolution pic:

Prior to this I created this Frida painting to practice faces - I used graphite pencil and gesso.  For the postman I found some charcoal which works better.

Tomorrow is the start of the Gelli Print Blog Hop and I'm having a giveaway - so pop back them and check it out!


  1. Love both of them Shells especially the Postman, fab work. Hugs Annette x



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