Monday, 6 October 2014

Van Gogh Part 2

BlogtoberFest 2014 - Day 6 - Van Gogh Part 2

I haven't been feeling well for about 24 hours so I had a quiet day today and managed to catch up with the ecourse I'm taking - Jeanne Oliver's Studying Under The Masters - Portraits and Self Portraits. We've been looking at Van Gogh and all the patterns he uses in his sketches and paintings.  I love mark making and patterns in art and some in the class have described him as the original zentangler.

This is my sketch.  There is so much wrong with it that I dare not show you Van Gogh's but it was still a good experience.  My pen wasn't the best choice either but it was what I had.

I still have the watercolour and acrylic/oil exercises to do yet and the next class on Picasso is waiting for me... I shall be busy and learn lots.


  1. How wonderful to be a student again x So great to be able to learn about VanGogh :)

    1. Thanks Fi, Van Gogh and his work is very interesting and the course is jammed packed with info and exercises to do.


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