Thursday, 27 March 2014

Gelli Print Collages 2

I've been working on some more gelli print collages.

Green on Blue, Collage on Board, 30cm x 30cm, 12" x 12"

Many thanks to members of the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group for their comments, thoughts and advice when I asked them for help on the above painting.  They gave me confidence, ideas and inspiration and I'm grateful for this community. 

Here are some progress pics:

Trio, Collage on Board, 30cm x 30cm, 12" x 12"

Trio started out like this:

I loved this print and the colours which looked like they were of similar colours - one print straight after the other.  I cut up the print into 1 and 2 inch squares and 1 x 2 inch rectangles and began to glue them - darkest squares in the bottom left up to red in the top left, blue in the bottom right corner up to the green and the lightest colours in the top right quadrant.

It doesn't have all the textures of previous collages but that's good to create something slightly different.

PS  Do you love creating gelli prints?  Want a place to discuss gelli printing?  To show off your work?  Share your ideas? Discuss the pros and cons of different paints/paper/plates/tools etc?  Get some great ideas on what to do with the thousands of prints you have created?

Then I would love you to join me at the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group.


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