Saturday, 1 March 2014

February 2014 Recap

This month I joined in on 29 Faces and managed to create 24!!! Thank you for all your great responses to them, I'm now thinking of creating a girl for the Beverley Art Exhibition.

I also participated in the Documented Life Project challenges:

And the Journal 52 challenges:

I got a round gelli plate!!!!  Loads of fun and a challenge too...

 I slipped on a honky nut, similiar to an acorn and hurt my backside, still hurts.  A few days later I got this rash on my arm and face, I saw the Dr and the cream worked on my face but my arm got worse.  Went back to the Dr and got some stronger cream and was tested for shingles but the test came back normal... and the blisters have now dried up and are scabby....yeah, Shells, nice.... oh TMI?   lol

And I had a haircut!!!

And now it's March.....


  1. Congrats Shells what a fabulously creative month :) Love your girls :)

  2. That is a great looking collection for 29 Faces and all the other challenges too. You have been a busy girl. Hope your rash is getting better and a great haircut! What are you up to for March challenges?


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