Friday, 4 May 2012

New Girl and a New Month.

Earlier this week I started a new girl, I need to work on her hair now that it is dry and try to define it more from her dress.  A few months ago I had planned to spend May catching up on Life Book 2012 and  working on my faces.  Ayala is hosting a 29 Faces in the month of May and I recommend that you check it out if you are into faces or portraits as some very talented artists are involved.

Did you see the other girl I was working on prior to the one above??  Check out this blog post...

If you are into drawing/painting flowers then head over to Lori Moon's blog and check out her May Flower Challenge.  Rose from my garden...

Today I did some finishing touches to my 30 canvases for the 30x30x30 Challenge:


I'm not sure what the other artist are doing to the backs of their canvases but it was suggested that we put some wire on them and I like to add the brown artist's tape to neaten up the backs too.

Hope you have a great weekend and create some art, it's going to be raining here in Perth for the next week so that means plenty of time to paint...I hope....  :D

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  1. You have been one busy lady! Thanks for mentioning my Flower Challenge, I very much appreciate the shout out. Have a great weekend.


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