Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Meet Eliza Blue and Rose

When she was blue, she dreamed of happiness and love in the arms of her soulmate.

Eliza Blue, Mixed Media,  30cm x 40cm/ 12" x 16"

My 20 year old son suggested she have blue hair, he was just teasing me at the time and not serious at all - won't he be surprised!!! My husband says she can't have blue, I replied that many of my arty friends who like to draw girls often give them different coloured hair.

So the challenge is on - different coloured hair and different styles of hair and I'll be using a smaller colour palette, colour themes, crazy hair and song lyrics too.  My girls need words but the words are just not coming to me - Eliza Blue's background doesn't really allow for words as it's too busy and she has words from scrapbooking paper showing through - which is where I got the first sentence from.

Here's my previous girl aka Girl2 but now known as Rose - she has been finished off and framed though her background does allow for more stamping or words:

Rose, Mixed Media,  30cm x 40cm/ 12" x 16"

Now I just need to decide on a name for my other girl... Does she look like a Tara???

I will create a few more girls this month....

Today I handed over my 30 canvases for the 30x30x30 Challenge organisers to store until the exhibition in mid September.  :D

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  1. My daughter has blue hair, so I think your lovely painting is allowed to! :-) your blue haired girl is my favourite! ;)


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