Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 30 - 30x30x30 Challenge

"Paintbrushes down, step away from your easels!"

On Australian television there are many cooking competitions and there words are: "Tools down, step away from your bench", so today ends the painting section of the 30x30x30 Challenge.  I have varnished with liquid gloss my canvases and will give them a spray varnish later today whilst the sun shines.  All my paintings were created with artist quality paints such as Matisse, Atelier and Golden Fluid Acrylics which come from the USA.  The majority of paintings are acrylic but some are mixed media, some are my layered, stain glass window style and a couple are my girlies whilst others are mixed media and some are experiments but they were all great fun to create.

The organisers have asked the artists not to preview any finished paintings before the big night in September so you will have to wait for my blog post in late September to see all my creations.  But here is a sneak preview of part of a set I call Citrus Sunburst:

So if you like this one you will have to buy the whole set!!!  ;)

What's next for me?  I'll blog again later today about the exciting month of May as our power is about to go out so new power poles can go up in a nearby street.


  1. You've created some lovely pieces, Shell :)

  2. Michelle, congratulations! Happy dancing over here for you! I do have to admit that I really do want to see your finished paintings. I so wish that I lived nearby and could purchase one.


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