Monday, 30 April 2012

Life Book 2012 Wk 14

When April began and I started the 30x30x30 Challenge I just put all other art projects on the back burner to concentrate on getting the 30 canvases painted in 30 days - they are finished and I'm waiting for the varnish to dry.

Yesterday and today I decided to work on a Life Book 2012 project of creating a mixed media girl.  I haven't painted many mixed media faces and am still learning how to use all my tools - graphite pencils. Caran D'ache neocolor watercolour crayons, and watercolour pencils as well as trying to improve my faces.

There's a lot I could criticise about this girl but overall I'm pleased with her and will challenge myself to painting more girls with a more original style.

And here are some progress pics...

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  1. I love the way your confidence, it’s a beautiful thing to see.
    I especially like the way you’ve rendered her face and the blocking technique!


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