Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Painting Sold and Days 8 & 9

Did you see my friend June Stevens on the 30x30x30 Challenge blog today?

Day 8 of the 30x30x30 Challenge - spent some time deciding what goes on each canvas, am working on 18  right now,  and blocking out.  I normally paint what I want when I want so I found it challenging to say 'ok today you have to paint all day and get something done'.

Day 9 I spent an hour or so adding another layer of white and some bling colours:

My Pink Confetti Tree painting at the Beverley Art Exhibition sold over the weekend - woohoo - that will help pay for more paint and canvases or some more classes with local mixed media artist Neil Elliott.

How's your arty life going?


  1. Whoohoo indeed! I am so excited for you, although not surprised. That is a gorgeous painting!!!

  2. congratulations on the sale of your painting :) It's beautiful...i would have loved to have it! Well done on the challenge. I hope we get to see the final results! Fi


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