Monday, 27 June 2011

I Love Stamping

I love this stage of the layering process.  I've discovered how much I love to print and stamp and recently  received the book Print and Stamp Lab by Traci Bunkers and can't wait to make some of the tools in there to individualise my work.  My favourite tool at the moment is a thong/flip flop - the bottom of them makes great prints.

So here are the paintings I was working on at Art Group today:

Now the hard bit comes when I have to cover some of this up and deciding what it's going to be......


  1. Love the flip-flop stamp! Inventive! And that's a nice-size piece you're working on!

  2. Thanks Laura, it's 20" x 30" or 51cm x 76cm, my favourite size canvas at the moment. The largest size I've worked on is double this size. I prefer larger canvases but I'm hoping to sell these pieces so have gone for a smaller canvas.


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