Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Newlyweds loved my Painting

My parent's asked me to create a painting they could give to their friend's daughter as a wedding present.  The groom was from India so they suggested indian colours - red, yellow, orange, purple...  My father's friend John sent this email..

"We were there last night for the great unveiling of your stunning art work present.  As a present, delightfully unique, that will be appreciated not only by Karen & Bala, but also by all who may visit them over many years.  So much more thrilling than just another kitchen appliance that will be placed in a cupboard and rarely see the light of day.  Thank you both so much!"

As a new artist it's nice to get some positive feedback from family, friends and also 'strangers'. 


  1. Wow this is stunning ... what a beautiful gift. I love what you've done. I bet it is pride of place in their new home x


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