Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Inspiration for Uncreated Paintings

Inspiration...where does yours come from? 

Mine comes from a variety of sources and comes at the oddest times.  Earlier today I was describing to my son the paintings that are inside of my head then I went to the newsagent and found this beautiful card which I'd love to paint in my own style.  So now I have another painting inside of me that needs to be created.

Art - sometimes my inspiration comes not from other people's art but my own.  I was thinking about my latest girlie painting 'She Let Love Go' and will paint 'Butterflies Dance' which will be an anithesis to letting love go.

Music - I love the first line of the Birds of Tokyo song Plans: "We made plans to kiss the sun at night..." and would love to paint that...  Last year I created a collage and titled it from a line in this song:

Masquerade of Stars Collage, Aug 2010


I heard for the first time today Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts and it reminded of an uncreated painting in my head titled 'She Kept Her Heart in a Jar'....is she reaching for the jar to get the heart out or to put it away.  Glass can be difficult to paint so that one has been put on the back burner for a couple of years now.  I may paint it differently in the future.


Words - I was chatting away with a friend this morning thinking about writing a blog on Teaching when this uncreated painting popped into my head about apple trees.

Emotions - I have another painting yet to be created based on depression and 'going into the well' - I was reading Dr John Gray's Men Are From Mars and Women Are from Venus at the time and the outlined sketch is around here somewhere.

A blog for another day will be titled Artists who have Inspired Me from my Pop to Pam Carriker to Flora Bowley.

Flora's technique is all about letting the painting talk to you and I'm trying to combine it with the need to give birth to all these creations stuck inside my head.


  1. I am always so fascinated by where other artists get their inspiration - thank you for sharing!

    (I am having such fun looking around your blog - I look forward to seeing more!)

  2. Thanks Kristin, I am always surprised when it happens. :D


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