Friday, 24 June 2011

To Create Art From My Heart...

Haven't been feeling too well this week, emotionally up and down, and headaches have been constant most of the week.  I've written a blog but not posted it.....that sort of week.  I sold 3 paintings this week, so that's great but now need to paint more for the art sad.  :D

Sunday afternoon and Monday morning art group I  got stuck into The Red Boathouse.  My aim is to sell this canvas but I'm in two minds about this painting - whether to keep it or paint over it.  I'm just not sure about it... I like it but don't love it....and when I look at it I think 'Who would want to buy that?'

On Tuesday my hubby was away so I spent the evening painting and turned this painting:

into this dragonfly:

Dragonfly Windows, Acrylic on Canvas, 46cm x 46cm (18"x18")

This canvas used to have a Pincushion hakea flower on it and was one of the first paintings I ever did and I never varnished it so I decided to paint over it and this is where I'm at:

Today, still more work to do:

These next 2 paintings were originally in my post titled Black is the New White.  They weren't working for me so I painted over them:

Every now and again I have to paint something just for me, eg my Lady Flora painting, and this is on a canvas board I had spare and I've decided to do what ever I want - to create art from my heart...I'll tell you more about it when it's finished:

I must admit that some of my favourite paintings have started this way and in fact all of my paintings should be created this something special to me that I am reluctant to give up to a new home.

Have a great weekend, hope life treats you well and you get a chance to create.

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  1. Michelle, some of these paintings are so evocative. I find the first one reminds me of Ray Crooke. I love the Dragonfly too and I find the fourth and the last ones quite intriguing. Lovely


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