Friday, 24 April 2015

Myeloma Update 1

Hi Everyone,

Many thanks for all your thoughts, love, hugs and prayers.  I have been busy practicing my jellyfish on the couch act....

Blue - created  on watercolour paper with copic markers, prismacolor pencils, watercolour paints....148mm x 210mm = 5.8" x 8.2" 
Small faces for me....just for fun and I started an online course called Beautiful Faces which I'm really enjoying watching the videos from and seeing other people's gorgeous work in class - I look forward to fully participating when I'm ready but for now just some no pressure, let's have fun faces and try out some big hair too.

I'm doing ok.  I went into hospital for a round of chemo on Tuesday 7th April and stayed for a few days only, not the week to 10 days as was expected.  I've been for chemo on the day ward since and have started on the Myeloma chemo now too.

I have the usual symptoms I guess you could say - food taste funny, very tired - which is very good as I need to rest to get better, I'm a bit like a wobbly duck....I walk funny now due to pain and balance....slow and steady.  I've got a nasty red rash on my upper chest but my hair hasn't started falling out so......

The biggest challenge can be the mental one...waking up on my 48th birthday wondering if it was a bad dream.....48 with terminal cancer how did my life come to this....all our lives change...some we can control and some we can't....some we need to deal with and accept and fight to change and make better but I now have a new life that involves doing 'nothing' - the most important 'nothing' of my life and that is to get rid of the nasty cells in my body..... and when they are gone I get to start another new

 Love love love this material of my new pyjamas - it's just gorgeous - the colours and the flowers/leaves! Wish I had painted it!

I've been busy colouring in - pencils, Sharpies/markers/textas and received some travel watercolour paints which are awesome, so these have given me some fun to play with.

Many thanks again to everyone for thinking about me, love and hugs back atcha.  Mxxx


  1. Wishing you hugs as big as rainbows :)

  2. All the best wishes in the world headed your way.

  3. Prayers for you are included fellow artist....hugs

  4. xxx you are doing so great xxx

  5. I have been thinking about you a lot Michelle - you are being so brave! Love the art that you are doing - don't you just love Jane Davenport?! Sending hugs xx

    1. Thanks Debbi! Yes, love Jane and her class is awesome! xxxx

  6. I don't think I kind find the right words. ... Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and sending you warm wishes of comfort. X

  7. Gosh, +shelC. I had no idea! The mental part would be a is for me every day. So impressed with your work under these conditions. Art truly does heal! Hang in there, we all Luvs Ya!

  8. Oops, Michelle! Used wrong + my bean farted...


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