Saturday, 27 December 2014

DIY Gelli Print Calendar and 1st Anniversary

The Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group is one year old today!!!  Many thanks to Cindy Jones Lantier who started it with me and a huge thank you to the 2123 members of the group.  You guys are awesome, thank you so much for sharing your prints, ideas, suggestions, for being so inspirational, for asking such great questions and for answering them. I'm so looking forward to seeing your prints next year!!

If you need a calendar for 2015 here's how I made mine!

1.  My friend Lin in Michigan sent me a blank calendar so I glued on some of my gelli print.  Easy squeasy!

2.  This is another type that I made.  I used this site to print out the months and I glued them onto A3 cardstock along with the gelli print and then created heaps of DIY washi tape and taped down the edges;

I used a hole punch to put a hole in the top and then added a hinged ring on this one and ribbon on the second one I made;

Thanks for a great year Gelli Addicts!


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