Friday, 2 September 2011

{Weekly Wind-Up}

Yay, my internet speed is back to normal, it has been slow for over a week which meant it was difficult to upload photos and download blogs.  I'm so far behind in reading blogs and getting my creative biz off the ground.

Last weekend....

Monday Morning Art Group - I was busy taking my son to his driving test - so I did some painting in the afternoon:


I also hung Ribbon Town on my lounge room wall - matches the curtains - very funny!!!!

On Tuesday I took my eldest son to the doctor's - he has tonsillitus - poor manchild - he feels like death warmed up.  My guess is that it's actually glandular fever and he's going to feel yuck for quite a while.

On Wednesday, I went to the hairdressers - good news - they would like to hang 2 of my paintings for sale in the front of their salon - which will mean some great exposure.  I need to get organised with this great opportunity.  Want to see me??

Thursday - yesterday - hmm what did I do???  Ironing, shopping, cleaning - popped into my 'studio' and I use that term very loosely and touched up my painting.  If I'm going to paint for a few hours I bring things out into the kitchen as you can see from the Monday's painting.

I took the above pic just now, sorry the lighting is soooo bad but it's a little dark outside with the rain clouds.

Hope everyone had a great week and will think about joining us on Sunday for {Sunday Snippets} - send me a link to your Sunday Snippets post so I can go read it.  Thanks, have a great weekend wherever you are in the world.


  1. Have you hung the paintings in the hairdressers yet ? Pics soon !

  2. I'm planning on making prints so I need to make enquiries on that before I hand over my paintings because once they sell I'll never see them again.

    My plan is to do that this week, as well as business cards etc.



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