Thursday, 29 September 2011

Do you suffer from the disease called Perfection?

How many of us suffer from the disease called "Perfection"?

Read this blogpost by Dan Pearce.

"Perfection" is the artist hating themselves because their lines aren't straight/neat enough, the faces they paint aren't good/perfect enough...She would give anything to create beautiful, perfect paintings just like her beautiful, perfect artist friends do.

It may make you cry....some of those hit so close to home for me and all of them are so very sad.

Will you help me spread “Real”? Tell us below just how perfect you aren’t. You never know who might be alive tomorrow because you were real today. You never know who needs to feel like they aren’t alone in their inability to be perfect. Even if you comment as an anonymous guest, please comment. Tell us what you struggle with. Tell a sad or dark secret. Get vulnerable. Get real. Let’s see if we can get 1,000 people showing the world that we’re not defined by perfection.

I'm not perfect....

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