Saturday, 23 June 2018

I'm in London Still...

London - Saturday, 23rd June 2018

Last Wednesday, 20th June, we flew to London via Singapore. It was a long flight...

On Thursday, 21st June we went walking with Cousin Anne's walking group - from High Elms to Downe and back.  Downe is the village where Charles Darwin lived.  We didn't have time to see his house but walked passed his local church and the cemetery where his wife and children are buried.

The walk was 2 1/4 hours long though 3/4 of an hour we spent having morning tea at The Teashop where we had tea and a toasted fruit bun.

In the afternoon we went shopping at Hobby Craft where I picked up some stamps and ink for my Travel Journal.

On Friday, 22nd June, we went into London to the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. The British museum was full of historical artefacts including the Rosetta Stone.  I really enjoyed the old clocks and watches and the Sutton Hoo ship burial exhibition.

Today, Saturday - I'm meeting a friend in Camden to look around the markets and have lunch. Tomorrow, we are having a family barbecue and on Monday we are off to Barcelona.

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