Friday, 30 March 2018

April 2018 GPE Challenge/Inspiration

I have created a challenge per month for my Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook group.

April 2018 Inspiration is stained glass windows - I love how colourful they are and how many different designs there are too.

I have created a few different techniques for members to try. Pinterest has so many stained glass window and patterns so take a look there - This is my stained glass window board.

1.  First technique I used was to print out a pattern then cut out the lead light section. Using a white pencil to trace around it on black cardstock, then cut it out using a craft knife.

Patterns with wider lead light lines are good or ones that can be widened as you need an area to glue the papers onto.

Create or choose some transparent papers from your stash - deli paper, tissue paper or greaseproof paper in Australia is great for creating transparent prints.

The sections that have been cut out can be used as templates for the glass sections.

I used a glue stick to glue my papers onto the black lead light cut out.

2. The second technique I tried was an easier method as it cut out one major step:

Use your photocopier to print out your pattern onto cardstock or thick paper. 

Then gel print or paint the back of your cardstock black/grey.

Then cut out your pattern - lead light sections and glass sections which can be used as a template on your colourful gel prints.

Then glue onto the lead light using a glue stick or gel medium.

3. The third technique I tried was to use the lead light cut out to create a plastic stencil to use on the gel plate. For my stencil I used a thin plastic chopping board but you could use a different substrate. A new blade in your craft knife really helps too. ;)

Cover your gel plate with black/grey paint, place your stencil on top. Use a clean piece of paper or colourful print to remove paint. Then remove your stencil and the paint that is left on the plate should be the lead light outline - press your colourful print onto the plate and rub then pull off and there you have your stained glass window, which you may want to leave as is or cut around.

Here are some of my prints:

Have fun!!!

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