Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Myeloma Update and ICAD 2015

Great news - the chemo is working - my paraprotein (a protein found in the blood only as a result of cancer or other disease) levels are down from 24 to 2 with 0 being the goal! I have started Cycle 3 and have an appointment with a specialist re a Stem Cell Transplant.  My hair is thinning and now and again I'm doing the drunk old lady wobbly walk but apart from that I'm doing ok.

Day 9 ICAD 2015

I am also participating in ICAD 2015 - Index Card A Day 2015 - a challenge to create artwork on an index card every day for two months in June and July organised by Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow Art.  Each day has and optional theme - day 9 was carrot and lemon so I used the colour scheme or orange and yellow to create my artwork with an inspiring quote.

Here are some previous days index cards:

                                              Days 1-8 ICAD 2015 and front cover.

Hope everything is going well for you, take care, love and hugs, Michelle.  xxx


  1. Glad to hear you have had some good results! Love your icafs , I think of you often..hugs

  2. Darn auto correct you know I mean icads

  3. So happy to hear the low number. Now, let's get it to 0 and banish it for good!

  4. Hugs and kisses to you xoxoxoxoxo


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