Friday, 22 August 2014

Retreat, Paint, Restore

Last Friday I traveled to Nornalup in the south west of Western Australia, about 6 hours and 456.25kms/283 miles away to attend the Retreat, Paint, Restore art retreat hosted by Leanne Fry who I met in March 2011 at the Flora Bowley Workshop, and the tutor was Jenni Doherty.

It was an awesome weekend and I had a great time along with eight other ladies. Leanne and her friend Marie were fabulous hostesses and superb cooks. Jenni was a lot of fun and an informative teacher too. I was greeted with a chocolate brownie, thick cream and a cup of tea in this mug!  <3

Here's the painting I created over the weekend:

Nornalup Gum Leaves, Triptych, 30cm x 30cm, 12" x 12"

We created layers using moulding paste, washes and glazes.

Here is Jenni's painting - I liked it at step 4 but Jenni wasn't happy with it so she kept on working it until she was which was a good lesson for us.:

Here's some other yummy pics:

And some great scenery down south too:

I had a really great time - meeting up with my tribe/art community, meeting online friends for the first time and making new friends, learning new techniques and being spoilt with yummy food.  The weather was great too - the morning cloud lifted to a fine and sunny day.  Some ladies even had a massage!!

If you ever get the chance to go to an art retreat then go, go, go....  Put your brave girl boots on and pack up up your paints and your camera and you will have a great time esp if you can go to Retreat, Paint, Restore.

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  1. Michelle, it looks like you had a great time. Love the pics of what you created and the location looks really relaxing too. How cool that you organised it between you. :)


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