Sunday, 31 August 2014

New Painting

Here's my latest painting - I'm not sure if it's finished yet - deciding whether I should outline the stencilled area with black. What do you think?  I'm lacking a lot of confidence lately when it comes to my paintings...Are they good enough to exhibit?

Here's the painting with my stencil on it:

Here's the different layers - as you can see it started out as a landscape painting....

If you're like me and trying to get your mojo back then try these:

1.  Flora Bowley's Boot Camp - it's free and it's aimed at reinvigorating your creativity - and there's a giveaway to her e-course!

2.  Tracy Verdugo is giving away some places on her e-course too!

3. Into drawing faces/portraits - the 29 Faces Sept 2014 starts on Sept 1st.

Have fun!!


  1. I really like some of these repetitive abstract patterns you are creating. There's something about their simplified shapes sitting top of all those layers of colour that I like. I hope you keep doing more. :)

    1. Thanks Suzi, I really appreciate your comments.

  2. I think this looks really cool. I love the chain look. Way to save a canvas. As for adding black, I say if it feels right go for it!!!! Though my aesthetic is to have black lines in my work. If you aren't sure about the black try another color, then you can bring out some of the color underneath. I'd even make a small swatch and try it that way if you don't like it, you haven't affected the larger work. I'm still in the learning phase of this wonderful world of Art and Mixed Media, and learn loads from wonderful, talented and sharing artists such as yourself, so my suggestions to your question might just be one of those "WTH is she thinking". As they say though, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"
    Thank you for your continued inspiration via sharing your work. And yes, I do think this is worthy enough to exhibit. (((HUGS))) Kimmie

    1. Thanks for your comments Kimmie, I really appreciate them.


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