Saturday, 4 February 2012

Six Thoughts on Saturday

1. Twitter got hacked and a virus is going around so if you get a direct message from me or someone saying that people are saying nasty things about you and it gives you a link - DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

2. Works in Progress pics - which I know you love and since I'm such a sharer and a show off lol here's some....

Mixed media confetti tree I am working on - more to do - photos are a great way of analysing your paintings from a new perspective - now I see that I need to do this, this and this...

3. Started a diptych today - here are the beginnings of the background - these will be what I think of as symbolic paintings rich in meaning - great for kids to analyse in art class in 20-30 years time...Why did the artist choose blue???  To represent cool as in cool calm and collected or more of the cool, having a cold heart or was it because she had a large canvas and a large tub of prussian blue her favourite colour???

Why did the artist paint this so messily?? Unlike her usual style of showing no brushstrokes?  Hahaha yes, this was actually hard for me to paint, to leave all those lines and unblending etc, but a lot of fun.  :D

4. Red/Pink - Why did the artist chose this shade of red/pink?  To represent warm as in hot-headedness or warm heartedness? And this painting is more neater....

5. So you can see there's a lot of thought and meaning going into these paintings and second guessing myself too.

6. Beautiful sunset photo from last night:

Have a great drama free weekend filled with family and art time too. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I do love seeing inspirational Artists share their process :) I agree that when I post I can seem to see what I need to do. (Although not always still learning...)I love your trees!


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