Thursday, 19 May 2011

Triple the Fun


Since I started the last blog (this morning) with FIRE FIRE FIRE I thought I'd start this one with triple the fun. (Another edit....I just checked out the site and the Art Awards are going ahead as the exhibition area was unaffected!!! )

I went shopping this morning  :D sorry bank account....hahahaha and bought 'some' canvasses and started painting three at once, a recommendation in Pam Carriker's book Art At The Speed of Life, and something that makes practical sense - well sort of.  Now I need to to find a place to store them as my room is shrinking.  I'd post a pic of my art/junk room but I can't get in there.  Well, I lie, I can get in there, one step in and twirl on the spot and that's about it.  Hubby needs to put some more nails in the walls so I can hang the finished paintings up.  Enough of that, here are the triplets, not really a triptych as that presumes that the paintings all make one painting and should be sold together and who knows what these will be...

So for the second layer I thought I would do each one differently.  I thought that if I do three paintings at the same time whilst in the same mood they could turn out all the same, which is not possible with Flora's layering/intuitive technique. 

Painting 1 - I just used the foam brushes to cover up the background layer.

Painting 2 - I closed my eyes and had some fun and afterwards I grabbed the Tupperware Cake Decorator that you would normally run through icing and ran it through the paint.

Painting 3 - I used no foam brushes and just did a lot stamping and patterning which was fun.

Painting 1 should be dry now so I'll go and pop another layer on that....

A couple of hours later...


  1. Wow Shell, they're looking very cool. I so love to see art in progress - you get such a sense of the spirit, movement and soul in the piece. Can't wait to see them finished - you're on fire indeed! I'm also learning about doing two or three together at the same time - and it is a much better way of working for sure. Hope your week is lovely, X Donna

  2. Thanks Donna. I'm looking forward to seeing your exhibition too. :D


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