Monday, 16 May 2011

Art Awards Acceptance

My Funky Town painting has been accepted into the City of Melville Art Awards!!!  It was just a numbers game but it's a great chance to get my painting seen and to sell it.  So excited...will update you in a couple of weeks as to whether it sells.

At the end of July our community will be holding a Truffle Festival.  About 20,000 people will come up into the Perth hills to go to the Truffle Festival so the community centre I go to each week to co-ordinate the art group will be holding an art and craft fair and one of my paintings will be on the brochure of that as an example of modern art you can buy there.  So I get the chance to sell 6 or more I better get painting.  Did I tell you that the art shop wants some of my paintings to sell that weekend too....I've completed two - the butterfly and the dragonfly and will do another animal one - an elephant, whales and fish...I'll ask the painting.  :D

Here's the Upside Down Town painting that's completed:

At the community centre I'm working on two layered paintings at once.  One is large and the other is a square painting for the art shop.  I completed another painting over the weekend which is at the community centre right now so I only have this photo I took yesterday in bad light....

My parent's asked me to do a painting for them to give to their friend's daughter as a wedding gift.  The groom is from India so I used colours I associate with India.  I will do a similiar one for a friend as an engagement/wedding present and one to sell at the community centre.

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