Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Art and News

In January I did some art journalling, created some girls and started crocheting.

I've joined Guada's Art Club - I've really enjoyed and learnt from Guada's classes in the past so I couldn't wait to join her club and loved the first class which was in the middle of the month - creating art work inspired by Rex Ray.

Here's what's involved - If you havent read about the club let me tell you a bit about it.

I provide two kind of video lessons each month:
  • Every 15 of the month I share an inspirational video based on an artist, a color scheme, a pattern, a picture or anything that makes me steo out of my comfort zone.
  • Every 30 of the month I share an instructional video where I share mixed media, portraits, drawing, watercolor techniques my way.
As a member you also have access to coloring pages, collage papers, backgrounds to print and collage :)
Rex Ray inspired art work using scrapbooking papers and monoprints.
I'm going to some art workshops in July. Art is You 2016 Australian Mixed Media Roadshow is coming to Pinjarra - an hour and half from Perth. Such a great opportunity and I will be going to classes with Seth Apter and Andrea Matus deMeng. 
Monoprints I've created this month.



Health News - I had a bone marrow biopsy and blood tests in the past couple of weeks and get the results from the haemotologist next week - to see if the stem cell transplant worked and the cancer is still dormant.

This year I'll probably only blog a couple of times per month, I'll concentrate on getting enough granny squares crocheted to make a rug by I have crocheted 4 squares so far!
Ciao for now....


  1. Wow, Shelley, look at you! You're on a roll! I send you hugs + well wishes. Thank you for the updates, chica!


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