Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hippy Girl for 29 Faces

I decided to gelli print the background of today's girl  - she took around 3 hours to create.

Hippy Chick - 21 of 29 Faces - created on watercolour paper with watercolour crayons/pencils, acrylics, paint pens, and gelli print hat and top.

Does the painted background make the painting look too busy? Or finished?

Gelli print hat/hair girls...


  1. Not too busy at all. Very nice. I like your photo collage of the faces you have done using gelli prints.

  2. These are gorgeous! The background looks rich and beautiful. But the others seem finished and complete without a background.

    I’m particularly in love with the one in the bottom left corner. I’d love to buy her.
    I really wish I could make a collage with one of your lovely ladies, but they are perfect on their own!

    Great work and this grid shows a nice progression and clarification of your artistic vision!

    Lots of love from NY,


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