Saturday, 8 February 2014

Abstract Landscape Gelli Prints

As I mentioned earlier this week I've been playing around with scrunched up wax paper on the gelli plate and I've been making some landscapes on larger sheets of paper.

It's all experimental and a learning process.  When working on larger sheets and trying to create a picture you need to be aware of where the plate will go the paper and where the paint ends - there were times I created some straight edges when I didn't want them.

I also used another sheet of paper - usually deli/greaseproof paper for masking out areas on the plate and for making non straight/interesting lines.

The left over wax paper sheets (top) made for some great art as did the sheets of deli/greaseproof paper (bottom) I used to pull off the leftover paint.

Sometimes it worked and sometimes I added too many layers but like usual with the gelli plate I was surprised at the results and had such great fun I felt really cheered up afterwards - the healing powers of art.

Sending you all lots of love and hugs and positive vibes for fun and arty weekend.  <3

PS  Do you love creating gelli prints?  Want a place to discuss gelli printing?  To show off your work?  Share your ideas? Discuss the pros and cons of different paints/paper/plates/tools etc?  Get some great ideas on what to do with the thousands of prints you have created?

Then I would love you to join me at the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group.

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