Sunday, 1 September 2013


On Sunday, 25th August we caught the ferry to Wales.  We only stayed a couple of days as we had been there before in 2005 and had to get back to London via Somerset to sort out our bike.

This is a photo from our ferry looking out to the other ferry in Rosslare Harbour.

We were greeted in Fishguard, Wales by one of hubby's biker friends, so after a 'quick' chat we headed north along the coast and down a few very narrow lanes to find this cove and bay.

After staying the night in Carmarthen we headed to the Brecon Beacons for lunch and then to Caldicot Castle to spend the night with friends.

The following day, Tuesday, 27th August we left Wales and headed across the Severn Bridge into England....

So that was Wales, next time we go we will head to the north west to the Snowdownia mountains...

At the moment we are in London, staying with Cousin Anne, the bike has gone back to the shipping company in Felixstowe and we are just relaxing.  Next week we will go into London and maybe see a show, I'd like to go to the Dr Marten store and have a look at the shoes/boots/bags etc., go to Rochester and Canterbury too, as well as see family and friends.  And in one weeks time we will be packing our bags for the long trip home.  I will try to blog later in the week about Somerset in the south west of England where we went to see another castle....I've lost count of how many castles that is...I may do a blog about castles and some paintings when I return.

Take care, bye!

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