Sunday, 18 August 2013

York and Hadrian's Wall in England

On Saturday, 3rd August, we spent the day walking through the city of York which was founded in 71AD by the Romans but was then invaded by the Vikings in 866AD.  The York Minster is a huge cathedral which was mainly built between 1100 and 1500 and is full of history.

York is a walled city and here is one of the gates, some old buildings and bridges and the newer Millenium Bridge.

I'm not a landscape or architect painter/artist so I concentrated on patterns...

and found the colours interesting in these Roman paintings that archaeologist found under the York Minster.

The view from the tower.

We also visited the Jorvik Viking Centre which was built over the actual area where the viking village was discovered.

On Sunday, 4th August we headed further north and stopped for lunch at Raby Castle in Darlington.

We stayed near Hexam to see Hadrian's Wall which was built by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 122AD to stop the Romans from going any further north and to keep the Scots out. On Monday, 5th August we went to a Roman fort at Housesteads, the weather was not kind to us and it rained and rained and everyone visiting there that day got soaked.

On Tuesday, 5th August we headed to Perth in Scotland and this is when the bike started running rough so we made the decision to hire a van and put the bike in the back...more on that in the next blog on Scotland.

Right now we are in Galway, Ireland, so it's time to say 'slan' - goodbye!

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