Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tuscany and Cinque Terre in Italy

Buon Giorno from Venice, Italy!

We arrived in Italy on Friday, 28th June and stayed in Ospadaletti near San Remo. We stopped for fuel at lunchtime and this was our view....Monaco....

And our hotel room and Ospadaletti....

On Satuday, 29th June we then travelled round to Quiesa, near Lucca in Tuscany, Italy. We had a rest day on Sunday, did the washing, found a great coffee and pastry shop.

On Monday, 1st July we went south to Pisa...

Then to a walled city called Volterra, Wiki says it's a Neolithic settlement...well, it's very old indeed....

On Tuesday, 2nd July we headed east to Firenze aka Florence, another very old city.....

On Wednesday, 3rd July we headed north to Cinque Terra... Five Lands - these are five villages along the rugged coastline, to exist here they have built terraces to farm crops on. We had trouble getting in with the motorbike and some roads were closed and later found out that a very bad flood occurred in Oct 2011 and it would have been best to catch the train which runs along the coast and through tunnels to each village.

On Thursday, 4th July we then left Tuscany and headed to Bologna to take our Ducati motorbike home - to the Ducati Factory and Museum for a tour.

Today, Friday, 5th July, we left Bologna and headed north eastand are staying at a suburb just outside of Venice for a couple of nights.  Tomorrow we spend the day in Venice and are then heading to north to cooler climates and back to the mountains - the Dolomites and the Alps.

Take care, arrivederci!!!


  1. Looking fabulous, hope you are having fun!

  2. Wow...gorgeous photos..... I love those sunflowers:) I can't wait to see your paintings after this trip Michelle! So much eye candy!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I've been a little intimidated by the beauty and am trying to focus on colours and feelings to overcome this.

  3. These photos are fabulous! I can't wait to visit Tuscany next summer! I want to immerse myself in the colorful history and culture as well as the delicious cuisine. I'm already browsing through some Tuscan Villa rentals online!


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