Friday, 26 October 2012

Art Show Sneak Peak

Here's a few photos, a sneak peak as to what paintings I will be displaying at the Malmalling Vineyard Art Show this weekend:

Some Confetti Trees:

And some of my girls including my mixed media African Princess on the right inspired by Inge's Metal Art (see her art below):

Don't these displays look awesome??  Well done to my friends June and Bob for making them out of recycled corrugated iron.

And here's some of the Metal Art by Inge:

These photos do not do her work justice so go check out her website.  I'm hoping to sell a few paintings and buy myself one...though which one I'm not sure maybe the African Princess which has inspired my African Princess painting.

I'm really excited about the art show, the weather is going to be great, warm and sunny though this morning it was a touch windy which is why the paintings are a little wonky - note to self: bring blu tack and a hat and drink lots of water.

More pics and blogs over the weekend.  :D


  1. Love how your work looks on the corrugated displays! You'll do great! Have fun and knock'em dead!

  2. I love those displays, too!! It looks so bright and beautiful. I want to go!! Break a leg!


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