Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I love New York

Shells in New York City - Imagine that?!!

I left Perth, Western Australia on Tuesday 4th September at 10:30pm and arrived totally exhausted in New York City, USA on Wednesday 5th September at 2:30pm and was at my hotel around 5:30pm.

On Thursday, 6th September I walked from my hotel on 57th St to the Empire State Building on 34th and 5th Ave.  Practically zero waiting time as I got there early enough to avoid it.  Great views of the city even on a smoggy day.

Then I walked to the Hudson River and Pier 84 on 44th St to take the Water Taxi to go passed the Statue of Liberty, it was great to see the city from a different point of view.

On Friday 7th September I walked around Central Park and went to Strawberry Fields where John Lennon's memorial is - see first pic.  I also went to the fountain and through the Mall.

On Saturday 8th September I met up with Lori Moon and Deborah Velasquez from the Flying Lessons course and had the most awesome day.

When Lori met me at the hotel it was pouring with rain and we headed to Grand Central Station to pick up Deb - I rode on the Subway for the first time - it was hot but the carriages were air conditioned and it was easy.  GCS has an Apple store so we browsed in there for a while too.

Here's a pic of Deb, Lori and I...

We went past the Flatiron Building....by now the rains had left us and it was warm and sunny....

To have lunch at Eataly (eat Italy) which is a great set shops and cafes based on italian food....

Then we popped into Marimekko an awesome store based on textiles with material, clothes and things for the home.  I loved the way the store was displayed, everything looked beautiful.  then the girls to me took Anthropologie and I took heaps of photos in that store - it was amazing.

Check out this birdcage in the middle of the store!!!

And you know how I've been doing some cardboard art lately - check out the frames on these paintings...

And then on to the Strand bookstore where I picked up a book from 1890 which I'm going to use for collaging....

After the Strand - which featured in the movie Julie/Julia - we went for coffee and noticed the dark clouds coming over so we made a dash for Barnes and Noble - it was 5pm and the shop was buzzing. In Perth at 5pm the stores are closing, we just don't have the population to cater for it.  It was great to feel the aliveness of the city.  I bought some magazines which you can't get in Perth and they are so heavy I may have to send them home through the post to avoid baggage costs....

On Sunday I headed for the Metropolitan Museum aka The Met....it is a huge place to visit and so much to see from famous art, to sculptures, to house interiors rebuilt from real houses - American and French, armour,  Asian art, Egyptian tombs... the place was just awesome.....



Loved the flowers on these vases...

On Monday 10th September I went to the Museum of Modern Art....a modern building for modern art...

Well I took heaps more photos than these and will upload some of them to Facebook later on.  I'm on the Amtrak train right now and internet is not strong...Now I'm heading to Boston and onto Squam in New Hampshire to the art workshop...


  1. Love all the pictures, I miss the city...glad your having a great time.

  2. Looks like you've been having a great time Shell, good for you! i've been following your trip on IG & loved seeing the pic of you, lori & deb..have a great time at the workshop :)

  3. I'm so excited for you to be on this venture. I LOVE NYC and I'm hoping to get back there again. In the meantime, continue to have a fantastic trip and take lots of photos. Looking forward to meeting up with you in about two weeks!

    1. Thanks Carol, I'm looking forward to meeting you too.

  4. Happy to hearit is going so well! Sounds like the perfect trip.

  5. So exciting to hear all of your adventures; Thanks so much for the photos. It makes me feel like I am sharing your Holiday! Have a great class!

  6. Loved hanging out with you! You are the best!

  7. so lovely to see your big happy smile, taking it all in, and having a wonderful time (o: Enjoy Michelle what a fabulous adventure you are on.
    Liza xxx

  8. Awesome ! Sooooooooo much eye candy :) I must get there one day....Keep enjoying x Fi (I need to eat after the food pics:)

  9. Lovely post, Michelle. Thanks for taking us with you on this fab trip. Have fun at Squam :)


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