Monday, 9 February 2015

Meet Miss Honey

Meet Miss Honey - do you like her beehive hat?  Does she need a bee?

Miss Honey
Mixed Media on Black Card
42cm x 30cm = 16 1/2" x 12"

I couldn't find a gemstone/jewel/mineral that I liked for the letter H so I chose Honey.

I used gelli prints for her clothes and hat and her face was created with watercolour crayons and pencils and acrylic paint.

Miss Honey is available to purchase through my Etsy store.

This was the second Honey I created as the first one below wasn't working for me so I stopped and started afresh - which is okay to do.

Have you met my other girls  - Miss Amethyst, Miss Beryl, Miss Charlotte, Miss Diamond, Miss Emerald, Miss Frida and Miss Goldie???

Check back later this week to meet Miss Ivory, Miss Jade and Miss Kallie!!!


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