Monday, 6 May 2013

Art Sale at Myattsfield Vineyard

Had a great weekend selling my paintings, pendants and Gelli Art prints at Myattsfield Vineyard.  The weather was glorious which encouraged hundreds of people to come to the Bickley Harvest Festival to view the scarecrows, art, crafts and sample the extremely yummy wine.

I love speaking to people about my paintings and my latest addiction of Gelli Art printing.  Whilst I didn't sell any paintings I received lots of encouraging, positive feedback and my artwork was seen by loads of people including children who loved my fishies, my butterfly painting, the bright confetti trees and a little boy was fascinated with my snail painting - he stood there looking at it with his arm in the air tracing the spirals of the nautilus shell. Too cute.

I have plenty of pendants left over and will upload them to the blog and Facebook so if you want to buy any of them then please get in contact with me to sort out the details.


Well, I must go and unpack my car and do some boring housework.  Many thanks to all my family and friends who came along and to all the people who took the time to view my art and have a chat with me.  Hope your weekend went well, take care.

Here are some more of my blogs about my gelli art.


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Your artwork looks great set up. I'm sorry you didn't sell any paintings--but I'm glad you had fun talking with visitors! I need to get a gelli plate because in Mindy Lacefield's class we are using them for this month's project and from watching her video I'm definitely dying to try it. Just don't have the money right now.


  2. Good on you Michelle:)Very inspiring! I would have loved to have been there. One day I hope to have the courge to do the same x

  3. sorry for the long comment but i just wanted to let you know i just found your blog through a pinterest link on gelli prints. i have happily spent over an hour reading posts and looking at your art. your gelli prints are great. they have given me new inspiration (like i needed it, i have dozens (well, hundreds actually)of prints already. i love all your art work as well. the transformation pics are wonderful. it breaks them down to where they look managable (even by me, lol). right now i pulled out the sewing patterns and am making backgrounds. so i need to go glue. looking forward to reading and seeing more.



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