Monday, 11 March 2013

Six Thoughts on Sunday

1. Well, it's not Sunday here but Monday but it's still Sunday in the States.  :D

2.  Life has been busy and things have been happening here. Settling into a new routine and lifestyle, making changes for the better even though I don't want to. The reason for these changes is that my hubby and I are off to Europe in late May for a few months riding around on our motorbike.  We've been saving and planning this for years as a 25th Wedding Anniversary present.

3. I got my haircut - the shortest it's been in 10 years!  It will be much easier to manage short -it won't get tangled so much and it will be quicker to wash and dry.

4.  I've also cut down on sugars and am drinking rosehip tea and doing the C25K - Couch to 5 kms app on the iphone.  I've always been more of a bookworm than an exercise nut so the running is really hard for me - hate it in fact.  Good news is I've lost 4kgs/8.8lb!!! I still have another 4-6kgs to go before we leave on our trip.  Eeek!

5.  I applied to a local gallery having an Emerging Artists Exhibition and was accepted.  I've created 2 new paintings for the exhibition and part of one of them is above and am creating another hexagonal fish painting.  Here's part of it - decided to do some long fish this time - and some have accidental lips and smiles.  :D

6.  I'm thinking about organising an art retreat to connect with other artists....just thinking at this stage....

Have a great week...I'm hoping the Gelli Arts Plate that I ordered arrives today so I shall be back later this week showing you all the different pages I've made. 


  1. What a cool trip, Michele. And a few month? Wow! Where do you want to go in Europe?

  2. Have a wonderful trip. It sounds like so much fun! Congrats on the paintings being in the exhibit!

  3. Nice eclectic insights into your world, thanks for sharing. Have a great trip and a great show, before you go. Hope you sell a painting so you have a little extra cash for the trip! Tea and exercise, it's all happening for you. Happy 25th Anniversary!

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip! Love the haircut and the fish. It has always been my policy not to run unless something was chasing me, but my daughter has started me on the couch to 5k too. Hope you'll take and share lots of pics. Safe travels!

  5. Nice to meet you today Michelle - we headed off to Europe last year on our 25th anniversary too ... such a wonderful time and especially as you are going for a nice long time.
    I will be leaving in a few weeks myself for graduation but there's a lot to do before then - including 'our' exhibition! :)
    Best of luck!


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