Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shells' Six Thoughts on Sunday.

1. Started a new painting, a confetti tree painting with a stencilled background.

2.  Went out with my BFF on Friday - she turned up wearing the same colours - red shoes, denim capris and a red shirt.

3.  I found some mister bottles to make my own spray paint.  Experimented with my glass chopping board to see if it made good prints and the answer was no, not really, I need a Gelli Arts plate. So I used those sheets to experiment with the spray bottles and stencils.  This is an activity to be done in your art studio or outside on an old sheet, in the kitchen is not really a good idea if you don't want to spend half an hour scrubbing little dots off of your lino floor.

4.  I found these papers which I thought would be great for art journalling.  I really like the idea of them so I'll make some of my own to add to my mixed media art for sale. I have cut them all into individual pieces and put them in a bag so I can just grab one out and glue it down.

5.  We had coffee at a beautiful cafe with a gorgeous water feature.

6.  This week I discovered mixed media artist Donna Downey, she is my latest artist crush, I love watching her Inspiration Wednesday videos.  You must watch one if you like mixed media, art journalling or watching artists at work.  Donna speaks her thoughts as she goes along, she often has no idea what to do next - which I love as this makes her real - along with things go 'wrong', and you get to see how she keeps on going and fixes things.  It's awesome to watch her creative process in action, to see how she uses products and her techniques.  Her art is inspiring because one cannot simply copy it, it gives you ideas of what to do and the inspiration to just give it a go. Love, love, love Donna Downey.

Here's the art journal page I created after watching one (ok many) of her videos (better than tv). It's made on watercolour paper so it's curled up a bit...

And here's one of Donna's video - this one has extra footage taken from her computer so you can see her working (not just the journal), she has a puppy purse over her shoulder as she works and her pup pops his head out now and again, so cute and Donna often looks up at the camera and talks to us even though we cannot actually see her doing it.

So those are my six thoughts for Sunday, have a great week.


  1. Kindred Sisters wearing the same colour shoes!! I used my home made spray inks at the weekend to make coloured papers on glossy photo paper. I was very pleased with the result.

  2. Your experimentation is admirable. I love to see the variety of your creations everyday!


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